Blocumenta is a multifaceted program encompassing an on-site exhibition, participatory event and online intervention that will speculate on the future of art and culture post-blockchain. Curated by Baden Pailthorpe and Denise Thwaites, this project will be exhibited in the Artspace Ideas Platform and accompanied by a Blockathon co-presented with bitfwd Ventures (14 – 16 June 2019). Featuring artists Jonas Lund (Berlin/London) and terra0 (Berlin) in the exhibition space, while Dara Gill, Jess Herrington, Anna Madeleine and Gwen Taualai collaborate in the Blockathon event, Blocumenta looks at the impact of blockchain upon culture and nature, asking whether this new technology has the capacity to enable concrete social and economic change. This diverse and participatory series of events will engage artists, theorists and blockchain pioneers to explore unique new interrelationships between art, technology and economics.


Jonas Lund, terra0, Dara Gill, Jess Herrington, Anna Madeleine & Gwen Taualai

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