Operation Earnest Voice: Brexit Division

2019, Performance, Installation, Influencing Agency

N Football

2018, 90 minute football match with a changing set of rules

Jonas Lund Token (JLT)

2018 -, Installation, Shares, Website, Crypto Currency

Critical Mass

2017, installation


2017, Duo show at MELANGE at PIK, Cologne

Your Logo Here

2016, Installation


2016, Installation, exhibition

Fair Warning

2016, Online commission

‘Hype Cycle’ at MiArt with Steve Turner

2016, Solo booth

New Now

2016, Painting Series

Strings Attached

2015, Text based painting series

Contemporary Gallery Shipping Crate

2015, Plywood, pigment and enamel spray paint

Studio Practice

2014, Exhibition

VIP (Viewer Improved Painting)

2014, Self optimising digital painting, 50” monitor TV, custom metal frame, gaze tracking camera

Flip City

2014, Painting series

The Fear Of Missing Out

2013, Exhibition

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