The Fear Of Missing Out

Trastevere Luck 221 Crashed motorcyleTrastevere Luck 221Crashed motorcyle

Storage Product Crosses single-channel generative video installation 4 poster changers with line drawings on poster paperStorage Product CrossesSingle-channel generative video installation 4 poster changers with line drawings on poster paper

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Black sunday satyr Ping Pong Table behind non-reflective glassBlack sunday satyrPing Pong Table behind non-reflective glass

13Angle (Captiva) Incline Breadbasketformica and mirror Neon tubes

10UntitledPetrified wood, light emitting diodes

Cheerfully Hats Sander Selfish coconut soap 7 min 50 sec video loopCheerfully Hats Sander SelfishCoconut soap 7 min 50 sec video loop

How Many Of Your Are On FacebookExcerpt from the 7 min 50 second version

Shield Whitechapel Isn't Scoop Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink on Custom RopeShield Whitechapel Isn’t ScoopAcrylic and Silkscreen Ink on Custom Rope

Parachute faces (diptych) Airwaves 2 chairs digital c-printParachute faces (diptych) Airwaves2 chairs digital c-print

Door The Kings facial mask product on canvas stoolDoor The KingsFacial mask product on canvas stool

Clark Service / Between Bead blasted and waxed aluminum, oilClark Service / BetweenBead blasted and waxed aluminum, oil

Description Albert Paint and ink on canvas black steel frame 95 x 98 x 15 cmDescription AlbertPaint and ink on canvas black steel frame
95 x 98 x 15 cm

Horizon Birth grayish-blue Concrete, plexiglass, plasterHorizon Birth grayish-blueConcrete, plexiglass, plaster
91 x 94 x 13 cm

04Steve Ballmer, A Fridge and Six Crates Of Beer

14Sisters Montefeltro Richard DelightsPostcard

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Press Text
MAMA presents The Fear Of Missing Out, the latest exhibition by Swedish artist Jonas Lund (SE, 1984). The title derives from a social network induced anxiety condition. One brought on by trying to keep up with a rapidly moving world. A fear of constantly being one-step behind, in the wrong place, and missing out on the most exciting events. The Fear Of Missing Out proposes that it is possible to be one step ahead of the art world by using well-crafted algorithms and computational logic.

The works in the show are the result of a computer algorithm written by Lund. By analysing and categorizing a wide range of artworks, by the most successful contemporary artists, a set of instructions were generated explaining, step by step, how to make the most successful works of art. The artist then simply made the work following the instructions. In The Fear of Missing Out, important categories from the art world such as authenticity, artistry, talent, and creativity are questioned. The title also refers to the urge to be a part of a transparent information society made up of an overarching digital network.

Last year, Jonas Lund worked intensively with MAMA´s curator, Gerben Willers. The pre-opening of The Fear of Missing Out takes place on Friday 27 September. Lund will then work in-situ, on the realization of works, until the exhibition opens on 11 October.

As an art institute, MAMA is home to a large group of young people and provides a place for the latest talent. Young artists and art professionals are intensively supported through the making of new exhibitions, publications, artworks, etc., with the help of MAMA’s staff.

Photos by: Lotte Stekelenburg and Bob Goedewaagen

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